What Is A Toronto Sober Companion?


A full-time Sober Companion from Sober Champion is a discreet, professional service provider whose assignment is to look after your needs and to do everything in his power to help you avoid relapse. We spend incredible amounts of time with you: work days, work nights, extended periods when we are by your side 24 hours a day. We can do this weeks or months at a time. 

Returning home from treatment, you trade a drug-free environment of safety for one where you know you've had huge problems. Our job is to bring treatment home. As long as you need, you'll have a 24-hour personal assistant dedicated to providing you a good foundation in your recovery community. Here are roles your Sober Companion will fill:

  • Build your confidence by giving you a new experience in situations which previously led to relapse.
  • Explore, in depth, those areas where the you have had little experience in "saying no".
  • Help you identify areas which present roadblocks to continued abstinence.
  • Transport you to and from every location throughout the day.
  • Ensure a drug-free environment, including hotel rooms, executive offices, studio sets or trailers, residences, personal vehicles, etc.

A Sober Companion challenges and supports his client to make lifestyle changes and experience a better quality of life. We want you to avoid relapse and end the cycle of multiple trips to treatment. We help our clients be more effective and get back to center. It is important to differentiate between the Sober Coach and the Sober Companion. Sometimes, a client will start with one and transition to the other. Whatever your needs, Sober Champion has the staff and experience to help you achieve your goals - free of drugs and alcohol. 

Take a little treatment home with you.

Give yourself a break and give us a call to find out more.


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